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My name is Jenni

I am Jenni. I am 19, and have been collecting and liberating flamingos for about three years now. the first flamingo i liberated was named Wagglet, and I liberated him from a yard belonging to a punkrock singer named Noah Wagner, lead singer of Daycare Swindlers. She wears a lacy bow on her long neck. The second flamingo I liberated was named Punksure, since he was once used for target practice by an ex-boyfriend. He's got some holes, but they ooze with love.

I own about 80 flamingo items, some of which are still packed away from my recent move to Maryland. they range from socks to statues, I have P.J.s and dashboard bobblers, and lots of others. I also have a tattoo on my right arm, which i designed myself, and adore very much.

I am a devoted flamingo-ist, and will continue to liberate them until the day i die :)

<3 Jenni

P.S. Keep posting, and so will I.
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