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So, i have decided we dont make use of this community, so i have taken it upon myself to photograph ( and poorly i might add) the flamingos living in my computer room.  I challenge every one to post away with photos of your collections! Next for me? i plan to show you all my garden.....then maybe my flamongo sock collection....

***here we have a wall plaque made for me when i bought my first ever house, and a candle holder i found at a flea market in Germany, it survived the rip back to canada in my backpack!*****

a few plushies just hanging out on top the book shelf with my carebears.....not that grumpy bear looks too impressed


my little wonderful flamingos.... from the bottom: 2 hand carved and stained from jamacia; ceramic pair from florida; my fat bottomed bean bag flamingo;  piggy bank, feather pen and trinket box; another trinket box, a bell, a thimble and 2 mini statues; a cast iron flamingo; a blownglass famingo and another bell;  wax candle and bobble head;  and guarding the whole tower with his watchful eyes, my trusty bendy neck plushie.
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