Pansy Slapass (sugarlobotomy) wrote in lawn_flamingos,
Pansy Slapass

I am so excited about more activity in this group!! I intend to take some photos of my actual lawn decor soon...but in the are a couple silly photos of me from 2004, one contains a flamingo, one contains a stolen yard object, and the last is of a stolen gnome...

Featuring a handmade cat-hanging that my former friends stole from their neighbors when they were drunk. It has a very sentimental dedication on the back. But they were afraid to put it back or keep it in their I inherited it.

Flamingo LIGHT in the background!!! Not mine, my former roommate's...bummer. It was fucking cool.

None of this stuff is actually mine!! This is a gnome that I babysat for awhile. It belongs to my friend Victoria. One of her friends stole it from a yard in high school and gave it to her as a gift. It has since undergone a re-painting and shine job. WOW!
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