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The Lawn Ornament Mafia

one of the weirdest underground operations you may ever find...

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This is the online community of the Lawn Ornament Mafia...

[a pause of dead air, several broadcasting system beeps]
We are sorry for this interruption of the regularly scheduled program.
We'd like to let you know that we don't like to see posts for the sole purpose promoting other communities. You see, it's not good for us, and if it's not so good for us it probably won't be so good for you either - we have a reputation in the neighborhood, we've gotta keep our lawn looking respectable. So it might be in your best interests to keep your adverstisements and campaign banners on your own lawn, 'cause we got a few friends. You ever ask yourself what a light-up holiday ornament does in its off season?
This has been announcement from the lawn ornament advisory board.
[short blip of transmission fuzz]

From flamingos to gnomes, feel free to join, and remember - may the spork be with you.