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What do you think about light-up lawn ornaments, are they lawn ornaments?
In that case, what makes a lawn ornament a "lawn ornament"?
Do you have favorite (sorts or individual) ornaments?

The reawakened activity in this community has coaxed my curiosity out of the tool shed and these are a few of the questions that have been ambling around in my head.

As far as the community goes, any requests, suggestions, ideas, or whatever are more than welcome, anything and everything, so long as it is in support of the community, which I do not doubt it would be anyways. I feel very strange saying that because it is, after all, a community and a pretty equal ground for everyone. It has never really occurred that there's a sort of "responsibility" as a "maintainer" or whatnot. I apologize for my negligence and for anything that may have gone undone or left unmentioned because of it.

And on that note, I think I should be honest: I was unaware that there was such a devoted love of lawn ornaments and I, myself, don't have flamingo one on my lawn; but I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the love of flamingos, gnomes, along with all the other fantastic objects, oddities, and high profile lawn-personalities. The "Lawn Ornament Mafia" began as a highly amusing and delightful scheme between a friend and me, the story behind it is a bit ridiculous and the spontaneous creation of this community is just as much so. I guess it was a good thing though - I do not know of many (if any) other such communities -leastwise it's another opportunity for more flamingos to be rescued and more fans of flamingos to unite.
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i enjoy the lawn mafia. in my garden currently living with the plants are several varieties of flamingo and one curious gnome. the gnome wishes he wasn't so surrounded by flamingos and there were more gnomes like him. i also have a faerie coming to live in the garden...perhaps by the bleeding hearts, but i digress.

my ultimate backyard goal it to find twinkle lights to string along the fence ... not just any twinke lights, ive been told of pink flamingo shaped lights that i now covet.

oh, and as far as this community goes? my only suggestion would be to delete spam posts away, and ban the posters as it seem to be the same few spaming.

and arent we lucky you and your friend schemed and amused youselves with this idea! now i know at least i am not alone :)
I suppose that it might be lonely being the only gnome among so many flamingos, perhaps his luck will take a turn for the better and finds another of his kind, or at least someone with whom he can relate.

Yes, there are flamingo lights.

That sounds like a perfectly reasonable suggestion to me and I have no promblem with taking it to action.

I'm more than happy with what has happened with it, but I think the credit goes to pinstripe suits and pink flamingos, because if they had not conspired together to inspire my friend and me, the organization of this lawn mafia may not even exist.
care to elaborate on the beginning of the mafia?